Commercial Lease "A Partnership"PRE-PURCHASE INSPECTION - A PANDORA BOXHidden defects

Commercial Lease "A Partnership"

INTRODUCTION: A commercial lease is a delicate dance between the lessor (owner) and the tenant. To succeed, the parties must work together in good faith, strengthening a symbiotic relationship. This implies, among other things, to have the right mix of guests (tenants), ensuring adequate dispostion services, marketing and a final analysis

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In nine of the ten provinces of Canada, including Quebec, there is no regulatory agency authorized to train building inspectors able to supervise the pre-purchase inspections of a building in trade and / or residential. The only exception is British Columbia. Indeed. inspection of a building is not legally recognized as ...

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Hidden defects

When buying a commercial or residential property, it is not rare that the buyer discovers a defect shortly after purchase. What is a hidden defect? A hidden defect is a defect that is invisible to the naked eye. Specifically: 1. A latent defect is a defect which exists at the time of sale ....

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